We’ve been unofficially doing mail order for some time, and have always intended to make the practice more accessible, but have been on the far side of the learning curve, as, in addition to our seasonal retail/plant show schedule, it becomes a bit like having a multiple personality disorder: growing the same plants on two different schedules, nearly as two different crops, in two different sizes, often with two different rounds of propagation. To resolve this, the plants we offer for mail order are those that are happenstantially of conveniently ship-able size.  If there are plants on the list of interest, please feel free to inquire at or

SHIPPING: We regret that we are unable to ship to FL, HI, or any state west of the Mississippi River as it would require a chemical regimen that may prove harmful to us, Ed's children, and our 4 legged colleagues.  We may be able to send seasonally bare root; feel free to inquire. 

-Most shipping will be via UPS, though we may occasionally ship via USPS priority, which has the great advantage of Saturday delivery. We ship plants Monday and Tuesday, with the aim of having packages arrive on Thursday or Friday.  If you have a preferred ship date or carrier, please let us know, otherwise one will be assigned to you (and we will notify you of same).

-We aim to charge actual shipping costs.  For orders, shipping will be calculated at 20% of the retail cost (with a minimum of $20), with the difference, if any, refunded.  


POT SIZES:  Federal law requires us to state pot sizes. Of course there’s no necessary relationship between pot size and plant size- large pots can house very small plants- but please know that, as with our on the road sales, portability is our primary requirement, sales our general aim, and therefore we generally try to grow large plants in small pots. In spring some plants may be fresh divisions that have not yet filled out their containers, but they’re healthy, and ready to take off for you. Some plants, too, are simply naturally smaller.

A 3 1/8 ” wide by 3 15/16” deep 1.00 pt.

B  3 9⁄16” wide by 4¼” deep  .75 qt

C 4 1/8″  ” wide by 5″ deep 1.12 qt.

D 3 5⁄8” wide by 6″ deep 1.16 qt.